Sonic Eye Studios
Nick Nuclear Productions
Nick Nuclear Productions and SonicEye Studios is focused on visualizing the relationships between animation/image & symbol and music/sound design. As an entity, it is not a commercially-driven venture but rather an experiment in ideas exploring this relationship.
"The Wild Dogs of Tai Pei" Book Trailer by Nick Spencer "

This motion graphic is a promotional book trailer for a short fiction ebook I am self-publishing on Smashwords and Amazon. Below is the story's description It will be released in July of 2013.

The car accident left musician Memphis Davis with few options after he lost his hand. After meeting Faith, he is introduced to Winston, the underworld boss of the district, who makes a pact with Memphis to manage a deal smuggling opium from the Golden Triangle. "The Wild Dogs of Tai Pei" is the odyssey of a man fighting to keep his freedom and reconstruct his identity as he is challenged in a supernatural duel for the ultimate demise or salvation of his soul and the soul of the woman he loves. Moving in settings from San Francisco to the Far East, Memphis and Faith's search for love and hope takes them on a shared rite of passage through a dimension of supernatural obstacles inhabited by the spirits of their souls.

Rimbaud's "Vowels"

I created this motion graphic based on Rimbaud's poem, "Vowels". Using the content of this poem, I created a motion graphic and soundtrack to express and extend the interpretation of the text graphically. The poem in part is an expression of the synaesthetic experience. That being the intermingling of sense impression. Color as sound, sound as color . . . etc. Narration and translation courtesy of Christian Bök.

The "Electronica Project"

"Electronica" (Electronic and Visual Music Project) is a project focused on the exploration of electronic music as it has evolved from Jazz Fusion through early Techno to the forms of electronic music we experience today.

The "“Paul Klee’s Model for Form Generation” "

This video describes Paul Klee’s “Model for form generation” visually as a motion graphic. The concept is straightforward: It shows how a point can become a volume if considered in a four-dimensional context, meaning, “time.” A point moving in one direction in space can be conceived as a line. If the line is moved in another direction other than it's inherent direction, it could be said to have formed a plane. When the plane is moved in another direction into three-dimensional space, a volume is formed.

The "NOW Collaborative"

The NOW Collaborative host and creates "one-of-a-kind" improvisational music events for musicians to come together and play in purely improvisational settings. Inspired by the recordings of "In a Silent Way," Bitches Brew" and "Tribute to Jack Johnson." The NOW Collaborative defines itself by creating a platform for playing to the moment and putting creativity on the edge. It is this improvisational component that is at the heart of any NOW event. It creates the conditions for improvisation by bringing musicians from diverse social and musical backgrounds to meet, collaborate and create improvisational music. If you have a background in music based on jazz, blues, fusion and funk, we invited you to submit to play a session. As an alternative to pre-packaged, and rehearsed productions and venues, the NOW Collaborative provides a place, time, and creative platform to shift through many musicalsettings that lend themselves to improvisational music. For each event, The NOW Collaborative records, streams "live online," videotapes and archives the content of each session to broadcast a larger audience outside.