Recommended Booklist for Design

Philp B. Meggs
History of Graphic Design
Van Nostrand Reinhold

Carter, Day and Meggs
Typographical Design: Form and Communications
J. Wiley

Gerstner, Karl
Forms of Color, the Interaction of Visual Elements
Cambridge, Massachusetts and London: the MIT Press,1986.

Thomas, Frank and Johnson, Ollie
Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life
Abbeville Press, New York, 1981

Eadwead Muybridge
Human and Animal Locomotion (Volumes I, II, III)
Dover Press

Uta Abendroth
World Design: The Best in Classic and Contemporary Furniture, Fashion, Graphic

Publisher: Chronicle Books (November 1, 1999)
ISBN: 0811826244

Kimberly Elam
Grid Systems
Princeton Architectual Press 2004

Ellen Lupton Princton
Thinking with Type
Princeton Architectual Press 2004

Edwin A. Abbott
Dover Books, 1992

Charles Wallschlaeger, Cynthia Busic-Snyder
Basic Visual Concepts and Principles
McGraw Hill, New York

Rudolph Arnheim
Art & Illusion: A study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation
New Jersey, Princeton University Press

Rudolph Arnheim
Art & Visual Preception: A Psychology of the Creative Eye
Berkely, University or California Press, 1974

Rudolph Arnheim
Visual Thinking
Berkely, University or California Press, 1969

Adrian Frutiger
Signs & Symbols
Van Nostrand Reinhold, NYC, NY

Fantasy and Construction
E.H Gombrich

Nathan Cabot Hale
Abstraction in Art and Nature
Watson-Guptill Publications

Benoit Mandelbrot
Chaos Theory, The Fractal Geometry of Nature
W.H. Freemea and Company

Kimon Nicoleides
Natural Way to Draw
Houghton Mifflin, 1975

Jeno Barcsay
Anatomy for the Artist
Spring Books, London 1955

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